Morwing Hotel-Fairytale


  • #605 Sky Lantern Vacation

    #605 Sky Lantern Vacation

    Sky Lantern is one of the most popular tourist activities in Taiwan. People can pray and write down their wishes on sky lanterns. Every sky lantern rises to the sky with hope and happiness. The design of this room is combined with the image of sky lantern and fireworks.

  • #607 Subway Travel – Lawn

    #607 Subway Travel – Lawn

    The designer's idea is from the Green Grass. By the added the dialogs, feels like that you can hear the travelers talking on the grass. Talking about where to go next? The Monopoly game combined with the characteristics of the various stations of "MRT" along the route, becoming the "board game" on the wall. We provide the room guest with the gaming props (chess, game cards, money, etc.). Passengers can play the "board game" on the wall in the room. Do not miss out on the innovative experience!

  • #609 Future North Pole

    #609 Future North Pole

    The blue and white colors create a cool and peaceful sense of space. When we turn on the air-conditioner to cool down in summer, do not forget to protect our planet.

  • #611 Sweet Candy

    #611 Sweet Candy

    Caramel-like brown background, candy-like pink tones, countless sweets, cakes, gifts. I'm confused as if it is my birthday party and all gifts are for me or it's just a dream? Hey, do you notice that there are hidden signs of Morwing on the wall!?

  • #613 Sticky Notes Art

    #613 Sticky Notes Art

    The designer turned the sticky notes into a new world on the wall of modern art.

  • #615 Flower & Mirror

    #615 Flower & Mirror

    Low profile and gorgeous flower pattern with several circular mirrors create a special sense of space. You could have the different feeling between daytime and night.

  • #619 London Style

    #619 London Style

    The use of English classical and post-modern, old and new conflicts, presenting the contemporary England without a sense of history.

  • #623 Cute Monsters

    #623 Cute Monsters

    Designed as a small exhibition with the elements of cute monsters makes the room lively and lovely.

  • #628 Graffiti Art

    #628 Graffiti Art

    Drawing and painting recalls the carefree life in childhood.