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  • 102 Sun Moon Lake

    102 Sun Moon Lake

    Sun Moon Lake is located in YuChi Township, Nantou County.

  • Modern Family

    Modern Family

    *Special Room Type*
    ​ Please contact us via telephone/email before submitting your booking.

  • Fantasy Paradise

    Fantasy Paradise

    Travelers may enter paradise kingdom by the dream color and cute animals. Amusement Park symbolizes the colorful fairy-tale word. There are a variety of animals and amusement facilities painted on the wall. Wish you a good time in this room.

  • Lounge Bar

    Lounge Bar

    This room is decorated with the color of gold and purple, reveals the partly hidden and partly visible sense of space.

  • Country Garden

    Country Garden

    A room of American country style. With large poster output, hand-paintings and real decorations, it creates a nostalgic and old atmosphere to the room. Can you differentiate between actual and virtual in this room?

  • Fashion  Button

    Fashion Button

    Designed by simple and brief cubes extending to the ceiling. Creating a fashionable and modern space for the room guest.

  • Summer Style

    Summer Style

    Sunny summer, breeze, sunflowers, hot air balloons and straw hat. All the things symbolize the summer style.

  • Cartoon Shock

    Cartoon Shock

    Although the effect and the sound of word are not the main protagonist, they definitely exist in a comic book. What sound can you see in this room?

  • Surreal Space

    Surreal Space

    This space is like a dream. The scene and plot do not exist in the real word. No one knows its precognition or memory. Maybe the answer lies in subconscious.

  • Giraffe


    The theme is giraffe. Unitary color make the room fashionable and simple. Giraffe's neck which stretches to the ceiling and tail add much fun and surprise in this room.

  • Floral Garden

    Floral Garden

    Having a garden of their own is a dream of many people. In this room, it will not be a dream! You can watch TV, read, chat, rest, and sleep in this loving and romantic garden by your own!

  • Bass Rock

    Bass Rock

    The designer is inspired by the studio. With a variety of rock elements and black and white space, what is the melody will be composed in the journey?

  • 502 Dinosaur Fossils

    502 Dinosaur Fossils

    Do you know the formation and history of Earth?

  • 508 Owl

    508 Owl

    Plenty of adorable owls perch on the tree.

  • 501 Hide and Seek- Stingray

    501 Hide and Seek- Stingray

    Stingray is born with round body and white dots on its black skin.

  • 503 Hide and Seek-Cat

    503 Hide and Seek-Cat

    Cats always give people the impression of noble and mysterious.

  • 408 Tahiti

    408 Tahiti

    Tahiti is the largest island among French Polynesia, located in the east of South Pacific Ocean.

  • 402 Sakura Kyoto

    402 Sakura Kyoto

    Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan and represents the essence of Japanese culture.

  • 403 Chocolate
  • 308 Jellyfish

    308 Jellyfish

    Hundreds of jellyfish are floating in the sea.

  • 401 Greece Aegean

    401 Greece Aegean

    The view along the Mediterranean sea is breathtaking.

  • 303 Sailboat

    303 Sailboat

    Sailboat is powered by the wind instead of by engines.

  • 208 Chocolate Ice Cream

    208 Chocolate Ice Cream

    In hot summer days, a scoop of chocolate ice cream is the best way to beat the heat!

  • 302Bruce Lee Kung Fu

    302Bruce Lee Kung Fu

    Bruce Lee, also known as Jun Fan Lee was a famous action movie star, director, and martial art instructor in Hong Kong.

  • 203 Tropical Fish

    203 Tropical Fish

    Tropical fish are born with colorful stripes and patterns.

  • 301 I will catch you!!(棒球貓)

    301 I will catch you!!(棒球貓)

    It is common to see cats playing with knitting wool.

  • 506 Mambo Fish

    506 Mambo Fish

    Mola mola is also known as Mambo Fish, usually inhabiting in tropical and subtropical sea.

  • 202 Jiufen

    202 Jiufen

    Jiufen is a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City.

  • 406 Pinghsi

    406 Pinghsi

    Pinghsi Township in New Taipei City is famous for sky lantern and Shifen Waterfall.

  • 201  Nantou

    201 Nantou

    Nantou is the only county in the interior, located in the center of Taiwan.

  • 306 Surfing

    306 Surfing

    The theme of Room 306 is surfing. Fasten your surfboard leash and get ready to surf on the waves!

  • 108 Penghu

    108 Penghu

    Penghu county is surrounded by the sea.

  • 206 Mermaid

    206 Mermaid

    The Story of The Little Mermaid is tragically beautiful.

  • 106 Lighthouse

    106 Lighthouse

    Lighthouse functions as the guidance on the sea.

  • 510 White Whale

    510 White Whale

    Room 510 adopts blue as the basic color and the walls are decorated with cute white whales,

  • 509 Sweet Candy

    509 Sweet Candy

    Candy is the sweetest memory in everyone's childhood.

  • 507 Where's my home?

    507 Where's my home?

    Save the Arctic and Save the Earth!

  • 505 Whale Bus

    505 Whale Bus

    The penguins are worrying how to cross the warm sea and find their partners.

  • 410 Greece

    410 Greece

    Blue sea, warm sunshine in Mykonos and Santorini always make people feel refreshed.

  • 409 Retro Paris

    409 Retro Paris

    After being through several political chaos and Universal Exposition in 19th Century,...

  • 407 Venice

    407 Venice

    The dominant color in Room 407 is blue, ...

  • 405 Literary Rome

    405 Literary Rome

    After being through lots of rising and falling of empires, ...

  • 310 Dance

    310 Dance

    ​“Dance for life.”

  • 307 Pirates

    307 Pirates

    Accompanied by cute comic pirates, you can review the fancy of sailing on the sea in childhood.

  • 309 Treasure Map

    309 Treasure Map


  • 305 Soccer

    305 Soccer

    In 2014, the 20th FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil.

  • 210 Waves And Peace Dove

    210 Waves And Peace Dove


  • 209 Milan Fashion

    209 Milan Fashion

    Milan is a city full of history and fashion and has been leading the trend for hundreds of years.

  • 207 Hou-tong

    207 Hou-tong

    The surrounding of Houtong Railway Staion is known as the Cat’s Village

  • 205 Sunset In Tamsui

    205 Sunset In Tamsui

    The Sunset in Tamsui is one of the eight beautiful views in Taiwan.

  • 101 Seediq Bale

    101 Seediq Bale

    n Taiwanese aboriginal culture, partisan is the traditional ritual to show respect to warriors in the tribe.