Morwing Hotel-Fairytale


  • 101 Seediq Bale

    101 Seediq Bale

    n Taiwanese aboriginal culture, partisan is the traditional ritual to show respect to warriors in the tribe.

  • 205 Sunset In Tamsui

    205 Sunset In Tamsui

    The Sunset in Tamsui is one of the eight beautiful views in Taiwan.

  • 207 Hou-tong

    207 Hou-tong

    The surrounding of Houtong Railway Staion is known as the Cat’s Village

  • 209 Milan Fashion

    209 Milan Fashion

    Milan is a city full of history and fashion and has been leading the trend for hundreds of years.

  • 210 Waves And Peace Dove

    210 Waves And Peace Dove


  • 305 Soccer

    305 Soccer

    In 2014, the 20th FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil.

  • 309 Treasure Map

    309 Treasure Map


  • 307 Pirates

    307 Pirates

    Accompanied by cute comic pirates, you can review the fancy of sailing on the sea in childhood.

  • 310 Dance

    310 Dance

    ​“Dance for life.”

  • 405 Literary Rome

    405 Literary Rome

    After being through lots of rising and falling of empires, ...

  • 407 Venice

    407 Venice

    The dominant color in Room 407 is blue, ...

  • 409 Retro Paris

    409 Retro Paris

    After being through several political chaos and Universal Exposition in 19th Century,...

  • 410 Greece

    410 Greece

    Blue sea, warm sunshine in Mykonos and Santorini always make people feel refreshed.

  • 505 Whale Bus

    505 Whale Bus

    The penguins are worrying how to cross the warm sea and find their partners.

  • 507 Where's my home?

    507 Where's my home?

    Save the Arctic and Save the Earth!

  • 509 Sweet Candy

    509 Sweet Candy

    Candy is the sweetest memory in everyone's childhood.

  • 106 Lighthouse

    106 Lighthouse

    Lighthouse functions as the guidance on the sea.

  • 510 White Whale

    510 White Whale

    Room 510 adopts blue as the basic color and the walls are decorated with cute white whales,

  • 108 Penghu

    108 Penghu

    Penghu county is surrounded by the sea.

  • 206 Mermaid

    206 Mermaid

    The Story of The Little Mermaid is tragically beautiful.

  • 201  Nantou

    201 Nantou

    Nantou is the only county in the interior, located in the center of Taiwan.

  • 306 Surfing

    306 Surfing

    The theme of Room 306 is surfing. Fasten your surfboard leash and get ready to surf on the waves!

  • 202 Jiufen

    202 Jiufen

    Jiufen is a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City.

  • 406 Pinghsi

    406 Pinghsi

    Pinghsi Township in New Taipei City is famous for sky lantern and Shifen Waterfall.

  • 301 I will catch you!!(棒球貓)

    301 I will catch you!!(棒球貓)

    It is common to see cats playing with knitting wool.

  • 506 Mambo Fish

    506 Mambo Fish

    Mola mola is also known as Mambo Fish, usually inhabiting in tropical and subtropical sea.

  • 302Bruce Lee Kung Fu

    302Bruce Lee Kung Fu

    Bruce Lee, also known as Jun Fan Lee was a famous action movie star, director, and martial art instructor in Hong Kong.

  • 203 Tropical Fish

    203 Tropical Fish

    Tropical fish are born with colorful stripes and patterns.

  • 401 Greece Aegean

    401 Greece Aegean

    The view along the Mediterranean sea is breathtaking.

  • 303 Sailboat

    303 Sailboat

    Sailboat is powered by the wind instead of by engines.

  • 208 Chocolate Ice Cream

    208 Chocolate Ice Cream

    In hot summer days, a scoop of chocolate ice cream is the best way to beat the heat!

  • 402 Sakura Kyoto

    402 Sakura Kyoto

    Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan and represents the essence of Japanese culture.

  • 403 Chocolate
  • 308 Jellyfish

    308 Jellyfish

    Hundreds of jellyfish are floating in the sea.

  • 501 Hide and Seek- Stingray

    501 Hide and Seek- Stingray

    Stingray is born with round body and white dots on its black skin.

  • 503 Hide and Seek-Cat

    503 Hide and Seek-Cat

    Cats always give people the impression of noble and mysterious.

  • 408 Tahiti

    408 Tahiti

    Tahiti is the largest island among French Polynesia, located in the east of South Pacific Ocean.

  • 502 Dinosaur Fossils

    502 Dinosaur Fossils

    Do you know the formation and history of Earth?

  • 508 Owl

    508 Owl

    Plenty of adorable owls perch on the tree.

  • Facilities
  • Facilities(Ocean)
  • 102 Sun Moon Lake

    102 Sun Moon Lake

    Sun Moon Lake is located in YuChi Township, Nantou County.

  • Modern Family

    Modern Family

    *Special Room Type*
    ​ Please contact us via telephone/email before submitting your booking.

  • Fantasy Paradise

    Fantasy Paradise

    Travelers may enter paradise kingdom by the dream color and cute animals. Amusement Park symbolizes the colorful fairy-tale word. There are a variety of animals and amusement facilities painted on the wall. Wish you a good time in this room.

  • Lounge Bar

    Lounge Bar

    This room is decorated with the color of gold and purple, reveals the partly hidden and partly visible sense of space.

  • Country Garden

    Country Garden

    A room of American country style. With large poster output, hand-paintings and real decorations, it creates a nostalgic and old atmosphere to the room. Can you differentiate between actual and virtual in this room?

  • Fashion  Button

    Fashion Button

    Designed by simple and brief cubes extending to the ceiling. Creating a fashionable and modern space for the room guest.

  • Summer Style

    Summer Style

    Sunny summer, breeze, sunflowers, hot air balloons and straw hat. All the things symbolize the summer style.

  • Cartoon Shock

    Cartoon Shock

    Although the effect and the sound of word are not the main protagonist, they definitely exist in a comic book. What sound can you see in this room?

  • Surreal Space

    Surreal Space

    This space is like a dream. The scene and plot do not exist in the real word. No one knows its precognition or memory. Maybe the answer lies in subconscious.

  • Giraffe


    The theme is giraffe. Unitary color make the room fashionable and simple. Giraffe's neck which stretches to the ceiling and tail add much fun and surprise in this room.

  • Floral Garden

    Floral Garden

    Having a garden of their own is a dream of many people. In this room, it will not be a dream! You can watch TV, read, chat, rest, and sleep in this loving and romantic garden by your own!

  • Bass Rock

    Bass Rock

    The designer is inspired by the studio. With a variety of rock elements and black and white space, what is the melody will be composed in the journey?

  • City Travelers

    City Travelers

    For the images of modern, urban and travel the wall is decorated with photos showing Taiwan's beauty. Enjoy your journey in Formosa.

  • New York, New York

    New York, New York

    New York is famous for the numerous skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. The BIG APPLE always welcome the travelers around the world, taking the American dream of thousands of people. With black and white image of classic New York, showing the most classic urban style.

  • Subway Travel – Ocean

    Subway Travel – Ocean

    The designer combines Taiwanese snacks with sightseeing spots and board game. In this room, you could feel like traveling around the world in a happy mood!​

  • Sea Island Surfing

    Sea Island Surfing

    Surfing on the sunny beach and enjoying the enthusiasm of nature, what a wonderful holiday! Sea Island Surfing room is decorated with blue background and surfboards. The warm sunlight shines into the room as if we are fish swimming under the sea.

  • Subway Travel - Sunny day

    Subway Travel - Sunny day

    The Monopoly game combined with the characteristics of the various stations of "MRT" along the route, becoming the "board game" on the wall. We provide the room guest with the gaming props (chess, game cards, money, etc.). Passengers can play the "board game" on the wall in the room. Do not miss out on the innovative experience!

  • Boxing Club

    Boxing Club

    With the pure red and blue colors, combined with a sandbag and boxing gloves, hopefully travelers could rest and relieve pressure meanwhile. Room guests can play the role as the audience or the boxers in the room. Ding, ding, ding, let's fight!!

  • Cake Dream

    Cake Dream

    Not only young girls but also many grown-ups like the cute an delicious cakes. Have you ever dream about cakes and delicious in your dream?

  • Basketball play

    Basketball play

    In a dynamic orange and powerful black, creating a youthful and energetic playground. Do you like Jeremy Lin and LeBron James? Welcome to the basketball room!

  • Girl & Good Luck Charm

    Girl & Good Luck Charm

    "What is the fortune of my love?" As if the girl is preying on the wall surrounded by gossiping cute spirits. With Japanese style illustrations, combined wuth bold colors, hopefully it could create a unique style for you.

  • Dancing Butterflies

    Dancing Butterflies

    The designer was inspired by Li Bai's poem. This room is decorated with a lot of constructs of butterflies, spring colors, grass and trees. We are looking forward to bringing travelers not only physically but also spiritual comfort.

  • Graffiti Art

    Graffiti Art

    Drawing and painting recalls the carefree life in childhood.

  • Stripe World

    Stripe World

    We are in a world filled with lines, such as route maps, Gantt charts, histograms, stock market volatility figure and the countless lines make us tired. However, room guest will feel comfortable and in ease in this room specially.

  • Cute Monsters

    Cute Monsters

    Designed as a small exhibition with the elements of cute monsters makes the room lively and lovely.

  • London Style

    London Style

    The use of English classical and post-modern, old and new conflicts, presenting the contemporary England without a sense of history.

  • Flower & Mirror

    Flower & Mirror

    Low profile and gorgeous flower pattern with several circular mirrors create a special sense of space. You could have the different feeling between daytime and night.

  • Sticky Notes Art

    Sticky Notes Art

    The designer turned the sticky notes into a new world on the wall of modern art.

  • Sweet Candy

    Sweet Candy

    Caramel-like brown background, candy-like pink tones, countless sweets, cakes, gifts. I'm confused as if it is my birthday party and all gifts are for me or it's just a dream? Hey, do you notice that there are hidden signs of Morwing on the wall!?

  • Future North Pole

    Future North Pole

    The blue and white colors create a cool and peaceful sense of space. When we turn on the air-conditioner to cool down in summer, do not forget to protect our planet.

  • Subway Travel – Lawn

    Subway Travel – Lawn

    The designer's idea is from the Green Grass. By the added the dialogs, feels like that you can hear the travelers talking on the grass. Talking about where to go next? The Monopoly game combined with the characteristics of the various stations of "MRT" along the route, becoming the "board game" on the wall. We provide the room guest with the gaming props (chess, game cards, money, etc.). Passengers can play the "board game" on the wall in the room. Do not miss out on the innovative experience!

  • Sky Lantern Vacation

    Sky Lantern Vacation

    Sky Lantern is one of the most popular tourist activities in Taiwan. People can pray and write down their wishes on sky lanterns. Every sky lantern rises to the sky with hope and happiness. The design of this room is combined with the image of sky lantern and fireworks.