Morwing Hotel-Fairytale




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  • #632 Country Garden

    #632 Country Garden

    A room of American country style. With large poster output, hand-paintings and real decorations, it creates a nostalgic and old atmosphere to the room. Can you differentiate between actual and virtual in this room?

  • #626 Cartoon Shock

    #626 Cartoon Shock

    Although the effect and the sound of word are not the main protagonist, they definitely exist in a comic book. What sound can you see in this room?

  • #622 Surreal Space

    #622 Surreal Space

    This space is like a dream. The scene and plot do not exist in the real word. No one knows its precognition or memory. Maybe the answer lies in subconscious.

  • #620 Giraffe

    #620 Giraffe

    The theme is giraffe. Unitary color make the room fashionable and simple. Giraffe's neck which stretches to the ceiling and tail add much fun and surprise in this room.

  • #618 Floral Garden

    #618 Floral Garden

    Having a garden of their own is a dream of many people. In this room, it will not be a dream! You can watch TV, read, chat, rest, and sleep in this loving and romantic garden by your own!

  • #616 Bass Rock

    #616 Bass Rock

    The designer is inspired by the studio. With a variety of rock elements and black and white space, what is the melody will be composed in the journey?

  • #612 Fashion  Button

    #612 Fashion Button

    Designed by simple and brief cubes extending to the ceiling. Creating a fashionable and modern space for the room guest.

  • #610 Summer Style

    #610 Summer Style

    Sunny summer, breeze, sunflowers, hot air balloons and straw hat. All the things symbolize the summer style.

  • #608 Fantasy Paradise

    #608 Fantasy Paradise

    Travelers may enter paradise kingdom by the dream color and cute animals. Amusement Park symbolizes the colorful fairy-tale word. There are a variety of animals and amusement facilities painted on the wall. Wish you a good time in this room.

  • #606 Lounge Bar

    #606 Lounge Bar

    This room is decorated with the color of gold and purple, reveals the partly hidden and partly visible sense of space.